Occasionally esoteric and always juvenile, a sampling of my quickly drawn email responses for when when I'm too lazy to type words.
Beware killer robotic hot dogs sent from the future:

The perfect job for a friend with the proclivity to take off his clothes:

I attend a movie cosplaying as my favorite character from it:

Alex is the definition of the sophisticated sports aficionado:

Gina is one of the hardest working persons in comics:

We attend a party with a strict dress code:

My second home in Brooklyn:

Phil kindly gives me, Jamie, and Fred a ride to the Small Press Expo:

I have friends notorious for their kindness to strays:

A Trekkie friend gets married:

Neil keeps avoiding having lunch with me:

Charlie starts practicing yoga:

Bring a knife to a fist fight? BRING A FIST TO A FACE FIGHT!

My wife's first Kickstarter: