Published by VILLARD, 288 color pages.
The graphic memoir of my family’s survival and escape during the Vietnam
War, and reinvention in its aftermath as refugees in the United States.


Mini-comic, 40 pages.
I begin my work day with email and often images come easier than
actual sentences which result in these spontaneous, quick, horribly
drawn responses. Here are some high/low lights:


Published by EVIL TWIN COMICS.
A collaboration with writer Hanvey Hsiung for the charity anthology AWESOME
which raised proceeds for the Center for Cartooning Studies scholarship fund.
Featuring exclusive work from Al Columbia, Renee French, Josh Cotter, Jamie
Tanner, Sam Hiti, and many other personal favorites.


Available for acquistion.
A faithful adaptation of Charles Dicken’s classic tale of redemption.


Published by DESPERADO.
A contribution to the prestigious NEGATIVE BURN anthology that’s
featured work from comic luminaries like Paul Pope and Alan Moore.


Published by VILLARD.
A collaboration with writer Chris Stevens for the POSTCARDS anthology’s lead story.
Featuring a roster of fantastic creators like Harvey Pekar, Matt Kindt, and Phil Hester.


Mini-comic, accordion fold.
Continuing the misadventures of a character introduced in CONTENT #2 (Origin story below).

CONTENT, Volume 2 (Out of print)

Self-published, 60 pages.
This issue presents “Kaleidoscopic”, a story composed of four
interwoven arcs that explore the binds that connect us all.

CONTENT, Volume 1 (Out of print)

Self-published, 40 pages.
Awarded the Xeric Grant for self-publishers and limited to a run
of 2500, this first issue presents the self-contained story “Losing
Everything You Never Had”, one person's pursuit to rewrite their past.
All work © Gia-Bao Tran.